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Attack of the Twinks

Jan 12, 2009
"Twink" being a MMORPG term for somebody who excircises Player versus Player combat as soon as they can, and stay within a certain level bracket, giving them time to gain the best possible equipment for their level. Seeming how many games to not provide experiance for PvP, a generation known as the "twinks" have arrived. These people generally stay at a VERY low level, generally the highest level for the lowest level combat bracket, and once they gain the highest rank possible, they never touch PvP again. It is unfair to join a battle and face an opponent whom has had hours of practice fighting your level, and has the best gear he/she can get for his/her level, and it being considered fair simply because you are close to the same level. My solution would be to either place level limits to ranks. Maybe every five to ten levels, you would be allowed to gain the next rank in PvP. An example is you must become level 5 in order to be able to promote from Private to Seargent, OR to partially place match setup with Rank as WELL as Level. Please respond with your ideas or comments to prevent this generation of twinks from ruining our fun while fighting against our fellow students.