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As you all said.....

Mar 08, 2009
Ok A while ago i complained about turtle/judgement and they all said if you think balance is over powered try and make one. SO i did. Ok in PvE ( non pvp )
they were ok not over powered,BUT one day i started pvp and reached warlord rank ( with my shiny angelic trophy at my house ) in that same day at only level 29! ( but in Mooshu).. Judgement is crazy. I fought one guy Level 48 Theurge. He said i was a total noob and i won and he got angry and left.
and about tower shield? Most of the time it STILL killed even with tower shield and if not just use it again with just 2 power pips or something.I think they are only A little OP in pvp and not at all in PvE.