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Arena with Wild Bolts and some other card.

Dec 05, 2008
Hi people it's Amy Hawkmender here. Ok here's whats up, I love PvP in the arena but lately, it has become a pain in the neck. First off, this death card(I dont like death so I never remembered the name of the card yet I do know the look of them) gets the person your facing to work for you. Before, it was only suppose to work for 1 round and it never worked before in the arena. But now you can use it in the arena but it goes for 3 rounds instead of 1 which to me is unfair in 1v1 (the other pvp i can deal with.) The second issue is Wild Bolts. I usually dont complain about Bolts cause I think its fair about the accuracy and power and pip cost BUT not when every person on the other team uses it at the same time AND never misses, and most of these people(that i've seen) who do that dont have any arena gear on. To me this is really unfair cause then you never get a chance to fight and then you have the other team saying their better when all they did was use Wild Bolt.
P.S. I'm just saying that some people (i wont say names) cant take the fact of losing. Like a few days my 4v4 team went against a lower lvl 4v4 with one of them being a lvl 49. When they lost, she stared cursing and says "noob" shouldnt exist(even though we all were 1 at some point.)

Thats all I got to say from now. Say hi to me if you see me.

Amy Hawkmender out. Lvl 50 Life 8)