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Arena Tickets-Buy Back Option?

Jul 14, 2009
Hey guys, I was thinking and I thought it would be a great idea if there was a arena ticket buy back option from Diego right outside of the arena. If some of you do not understand exactly what I am talking about all the arena tickets that you have spent on things that you regret buying you can go to Diego and he will have an option to buy back your tickets for let's say 3,000 crows or how ever the amount of crows it is to buy back your training points from mr. Lincoln. I would put this option for crowns only because if it was not anyone could have this option and people would be doing this every time they have the gold and want to have the tickets to buy a item they want. I believe that if this option was put into the game many people would use this option. I am a level 60 death captain and very close to commander and I have spent arena tickets on things that are useless to me. I notice that many people rank down on purpose by not using a deck for tickets but I and other people I know do not want to lose there rank just for the opportunity to get easy tickets. It would be much easier to spend only a small amount of money. I hope K.I takes idea into consideration because I feel that it would be a option that many wizards would use.


Dylan Death level 60 Necromancer
Blaze fire level 60 Pyromancer

Jul 18, 2009
Crowns is one way that KI makes money so I don't think I see this really happening.

Although it takes a subscription or crowns to do ranked pvp to get the tickets I suppose at some rate they deem makes sense to them where it can't be abused.