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Arena takes WAY to long to wait for people!

Oct 14, 2008
I'm not very sure if somebody had already complained about this subject, however, I was waiting in line for the arena and it took 2 HOURS! When it was finally at the confirmed part- one guy left! Soi had to wait until i just finally left myself. I'm wondering if somebody in the game could have an explaination or answer to this weird thing. (The battle was ranked, 4v4)

Nov 03, 2010
Try one versus one if you want a quicker que time. Four vs four isn't as popular, requires 4x the players, match lasts longer generally. Also I think about 4-7 pm EST is a pretty good prime time for trying to pvp.

Aug 14, 2009
I posted a thread like this called "pvp confirmation" but i didnt get any replies. Ya, whenever I want to do a 4v4, it takes forever, I wish that if the people who didnt accept in the time limit would be kicked off the team so we dont have to be waiting for them

Mar 15, 2009
it takes so long because the old PvPers got sick of all the foul language false report and harrassment an chain stunning.that was going on when the bad PvPers came in.

People got tired of it all and most just quit playing PvP because of them.

reporting them did nothing they just laugh and you and say"KI wont do anything so who cares report me lol" then just lay into you more.

that why it take so long most of the time to get into a match most ppl quit 4v4 3v3 matchs.

michael redblood