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arena point system

Dec 20, 2008
I would like to ask KI to change the points given in the arena as it is extremely biased against lower levels. My initiate is facing high level adepts and my adept is facing magus and master. In fact, my 22 myth just faced a 46 storm going second and even though I won I only one 1 point. My 11 initiate is winning 2-6 points per win and losing 26 points per loss as levels are no longer taken into consideration. I am very good in the arena but come on nobody is that good. Even though my initiate is 38-4 now my rank is actually going backwards because of the disparity in ranking points. I need to win 10 in a row just to break even with 1 loss and going second against high levels adepts is a huge disadvantage from both health, equipment, spell power, and most of all size of deck.

This will not affect high levels near grandmaster but KI has killed low level dueling. Everyone I know is now afraid to even enter the arena.

May 31, 2009
I'm afraid this is not something limited to low ranks - it happens at high ranks too. In fact, I have played quite a few matches and got ZERO points! Imagine fighting for almost an hour, going second, against a Warlord ranked 1500 and getting ZERO points for the win!

As far as I know, points awarded are determined by the difference in the two combatants ranks. Regardless of level, if a Warlord with rank 1000 plays a Private of 500, the Warlord will LOSE loads of points if he loses and gain very few if he wins. The reasoning behind this, I'm guessing, is that the higher the rank (regardless of Level), the more you likely you are to win.

I don't know if anything has changed point wise (I know the ticket thing has changed), but either way, I do think there should be some adjustment so that there is, say, no way to get LESS than five tickets a match. I'm OK with the higher the rank, the harder the fall theory, but it is a bit off putting when you win less than 5 points in a match.

Oh, and I also think there should be some factor about going second. If you win going second, you win DOUBLE, and, conversely, if you LOSE going second, you lose half. Or something like that...


Nov 10, 2009
totally agree with above

going second has the disadvantage, so if i lose i should get a less deduction on my rating. and winning a match only give you 3 rating is a JOKE, not funny at all. and on the other hand losing a match with a 30 deduction in rating is heartbreaking, serious KI you dont see people cursing behind computers doesnt mean this is not a serious matter, take ACTIONS!!

May 30, 2010
agreed, or just make it so if you win you get like 15 and if you lose you lose 10, makes it easy for everyone does it not?