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Arena Handicap Matches

May 14, 2010
I've been itching to have handicap matches in the arena.
4vs1 4vs2 4vs3 3vs1 3vs2 2vs1

The programmers could give the creator the ability to put a maxed combine level, like level 200 for the entire team. Each team would be required to not exceed the max level (and minimum level).

Jul 26, 2009
Its Amazing. They need to make another match name/ equation for it. Another game (had mutch better arena guidelines) did it. 2v1, but i cant see that working here without a lot of time on the test realm.

May 14, 2010
No other game generated this idea for me. I just wanna see how i would stand against 2-4 players by myself, regardless of levels. My level 90 vs 3 players level 60-70 would be a fun fight. Even 90 vs 3 level 90s would be fun. I already try joining 4v4 with me being the only one over 30 on my team and i dont care how strong the opponents are.