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Arena gear

Mar 04, 2012
hi I was wonder if to buy some of the arena gear you need to be the rank it says on it or if that's just what rank you have to be to wear it someone told me it's just for using the gear and if you do pet derby a lot and get the arena tickets you can get whatever you want is that true?

Dec 16, 2009
hello the pvp you are trying to get you have to actually be the required rank before you can even buy it but i think once you have it you can use it as much as you want in my opinion the pvp rank system for gear is broken because while there is pvp gear its basically unatainable for any one below thoughs ranks and to fix that KI would have to add new gear for each rank with different quiality based on rank

Mar 25, 2011
You do have to be the rank to buy it as well even if you have enough tickets to buy it. It would say something like "PvP Commander Only" if you hovered over the gray BUY button with enough tickets. Good luck with those matches!
Hope to see you all in the Spiral!
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Mar 04, 2012