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arena gear

Mar 08, 2009
has anyone with arena gear seen it stop working mean no resist at all I HAVE more then one time on more then one wizard of mine really i dont care if i didnt or dont win its all about having fun and thats just the truth of it people but its not to much fun when you see something you have work so very hard to get (full arena gear) and it stops working the whole fight its like i am standing there when notihng on only some gear that just looks cool please if there is anyone out there that this has happened to make a post my self i have sent a email to k i to see what they will or will not do about it

scot deathhammer grandmaster fire warlord
scot deathhammer grandmaster balance warlord
scot deathhammer grandmaster storm warlord
scot deathhhammer lvl 29 ice warlord
morgrim grandmaster myth warlord
finnigan swiftblade grandmaster life warlord
account 2
flint boomhammer noob fire <---- his rank just says (noob)