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Arena Clothes

Feb 22, 2010
I have seen some wizards walking around in cloathes thet give them lots of good stats, like lots of defense, damage, and i think accuracy. But they also take away 100 mana each. I really want the set, but i have no diea how to get them. Please tell me how.

P.S. i posted in this form because i had a feeling that they were achieved by PvP.

Aug 21, 2009
directly in front of the arena you will see a couple venders, click on them and see what type of arena gear you can purchase with tickets you win from playing in the arena

Jan 23, 2009
They are gotten with a certain rank and a high amount of arena tickets. Also each piece doesn't take away 100 mana. It takes away 100% of your mana, so you are not allowed to use them outside the arena, all you could do outside the arena is shield, blade, trap, and wand.