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Arena Balance needed

Jul 22, 2009
Something really needs to be done about balancing the arena. In one day, as a lvl 6-8, I've been teamed up with a 4-8 and against 1 or 2 players at least level 20. It's BS when one opponent has the HP of your team combined. Something needs to be done about balancing it. A 4 pip spell shouldn't be in a battle against players well under 10, let alone 16.

fix it, please. no wonder so many have high wining streaks. they can beat a team of 4 on their own in a couple turns without a mass spell.

Jun 06, 2009
This happens to me all the time, and it nearly assures my loss. Once my team of 3 was paired up with 3 grandmasters. Nobody on my team was even level 30 yet, and we were dead fast. It was life and two fires (me) Versus life and two storms. We knew they would get us fast, so we put up shields. Don't forget blades. Then one guy uses earthquake. Then they put on traps. After that, they used storm lord, triton, and tempest, wiping us all out in around two turns. My point is, is that we should be paired with people about our match, not ones more than double are level, like me and deilin did. Then again, that happened a while ago, but similar things still happen today.