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Are we supposed to report chain stunners

Aug 21, 2009
In pvp I still see teams implementing chain stunning, they cast stun, then earthquake the next turn, followed by another round of stun, and so on.

My question is, is such chain stunning in pvp supposed to be reported or not?

Dec 21, 2008
you not supposed to report because it will be false. chain stunning is a strategy that i use ( i am a grand myth captain) but i am giving them chances to attack. it is pretty much impossible to chain stun through the whole match now and, while we stun the get pips to do major damage on us twice. o and i do know a way to chain but its way too complicated for anyone to understand. but let me tell you guys something, when we stun, we always kill storm first most of the time then the life. i dont care about rebirth because i always have a storm grand on our team that just kills them again. so chaining is nothing to be reported for because you can still hit us big. i once even beat a chain team when i didnt chain. one of the chain stunners fizzled and they got owned that turn. lord giant earth and nova. but if you cant help it and do report us it will most likely be false because they do get a chance to attack. o and let me tell each school type a way to bat people that stun.

ice- if your first, stun block the storm on your team or your self if there is not storm. then take your rest of the time to tower your healer and blade your self to giant. thats what you do.

storm- like i said, if you got a ice on your team, let them stun block you and you blade up and lord. if you got no ice, you will have to dispel the myth when it seems like he will earth.

fire- blade up and helephant the myth on the other team. if they got a person that can choke(fire) let your storm triton him. if you got no storm, let your team kill him with hit all spells

balance- bladestorm your team then balance blade your self( give it to your storm on your team if you have one but if you dont, give it to the ice) then power nova.

myth!(WE EPIC)-this one is easy, STUN!!

death-beguile the myth on their team when he looks like he gonna stun or earth then crow.

life- if you have a ice, the ice will stun block you but if you dont, you got to take the stun and start rebirthing as soon as you can. even if your team doesnt need it. they will need the armour for earth.


P.S IF you want more info from me, i will be doing a post how to beat a all myth team( thats what i do and all myth teams can be very good at 4v4. sometimes undefeated!).

Dec 21, 2008
None of the spells on Wizard101 are reportable offenses.

Aug 21, 2009
was hoping a game mod would answer this as I don't really trust what players may say, expecially those who chain stun

The answer is already on the website under Help & Support - FAQ.
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