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Are tournaments worth the cost?

Jul 15, 2011
After competing in 3 tournaments, I have come to the conclusion that they are not worth the crowns spent, even with the sale.

My 1st run through was 1v1 and I did pretty poorly. As expected my reward was pretty poor too. A level 8 mega snack, a level 4 snack, and some tickets.

My 2nd run through was a random group 4v4. We did pretty good considering none of us knew each other. I think we won 2 and lost 2. My reward was a lvl 8 pet snack, a frost flower, and some more tickets.

My 3rd run was a1v1 match that I did ok on. I won 2-defeated both opponents and lost 2-killed by one, decision by the other. I ranked 6th. My reward, a tiger lilly seed, a burning snap dragon seed and some more tickets.

To be fair, rewards seem pretty random. One person on my 4v4 team got a pet. Strangely enough, that was the guy who died a few times in all but one of the matches. The rest of us, well we all got similar junk. In my last 1v1 match, i fought a friend who won 3 times and lost once. She ended up with 5th rank. She got the same bad reward of seeds and tickets.

So my advice to those of you out there is if you've got crowns to burn or are independently wealthy, the tournaments are for you. If you're a bit more frugal and don't feel like spinning the wheel of chance, you might be better off buying a hoard pack or two. For myself, I gave it 3 tries and that's more than enough chances for me.

Happy hunting and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Mar 07, 2011
Thanks for posting your rewards. I've been curious if they are worth the crowns, but dubious that they would be worth it. You have confirmed that the rewards are simply not worth spending real money. Thank you.

Anyone else find it funny/annoying that you have to pay to play a game that you already pay to play?

Jul 15, 2011
I can understand charging, after all, you have a chance to get some different loot,but it should be a lot less. Like 100 crowns for those who subscribe and 400 for those without. At the current prices, it really isn't worth it unless you're the best pvp'er around and can guarantee being in the first three ranks.

The idea is for them to separate us from our money, that's what they're supposed to do. Unfortunately, I think the implementation could have been done a little better.

The first two weeks of tournaments, the loot tables should have been made very small so that players would win some cool stuff and go out and tell all their friends about it. After the two weeks, do a crowns sale and then add more stuff to the loot tables so that the nice stuff is still there, but the chance of getting it less. Then a week or two later, add even more to the loot table, maybe a nice mount or pet and then a bunch of regular loot. Then they could have advertised "tournaments with new loot!" and people who won or were discouraged would come back for more and spend more crowns.

As it is, people may try one or two tournaments, but that's it, they'll stop after finding they aren't winning anything worth the cost.

May 21, 2013
tatiana thanks for posting because i was thinking about spending crowns but i wasn't gonna do it anyways because i found out that if the time runs out diego has no idea what he is doing he wants to make the person that used the most heals win! like i saw one of alexander lionheart's torunament videos when he had like 3500 health and this other guy had like 3400 he used like 4 satyrs and alexander only used one and diego made the other guy win i mean the most heals shouldn't matter it would be better if he picked the one with the most health or the one who did the most damage because that sounds more fair than healing the most because the tournaments make no since it's just like ranked pvp but ranked is actually better practice pvp is better than that since i don't like ranked that much since i gave up wasting my time trying to get to warlord since i have no chance of that happening but like i said thanks for your comment it really gave me a 2nd reason not to even go near the tournaments. (Blaze ravenmender level 59 Blaze moonmender promethean)