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Any Play Vs Player tips?

Jun 10, 2009
Hello! I was wondering if anyone could maybe help me? I've been having a horrible time with Player Vs Player. Seems I can never win... I'm an Ice Student, and for my 2nd school Fire. I'm a level 45 everything I try just doesn't seem to work. I have a lot of Shields more then anything considering I'm Ice.... I have pretty good resistance any other tips? Please help Thanks, Nicole.

Jun 26, 2012
Hi I am not sure if I can exactly help you there but what I would do is make a new character get him to level 5 or 10 or any low level that works for you of any school then get good treasure cards such as: tower shield monstrous and any strong high level spell of the school you choose then have a good pet that at least knows spritely then have good crown shop gear good wand good stats do a couple of practice pvp first to get warmed up then you'll be ready good luck.

Mar 08, 2013
Don't have fire. Get satyr, weakness, reshuffle, and infection. Look up ice 1v1, lvl 44 by azoresgirl and discarding tutorial by nick s.on duelist101.com. Those will help a lot.

Aug 20, 2011
To make wins easier at your level, you might want to try these tips:
  • Make sure your gear gives you at least 15% Ice Damage, and at least 20% resistance to all.
  • Use Ice Minion.
  • Use Balefrost.
  • Use Freeze.
  • Use Monstrous enchants on all your non-treasure card hits.
  • Use Frostbite, Arcticzilla, and Snow Shark as your hits.
  • Do not use Frost Giant or Colossus. Waste of time at this level.
  • In every battle, carry double shields that will protect you from all schools. You should have Volcanic Shield, but you should also carry Legend Shield, Glacier Shield, as well as Tower Shields. Train these spells if you have not already.
  • In every battle, stock the following cards in your side deck: Shatter, Pierce, Triage, Reshuffle, Infallible, and Weakness. Each of these cards prevents you from losing to one kind of opponent.

At Level 45, you are reaching a time when your character tends to stick with one school. I would recommend not using fire spells at all unless you carry a Fire Mastery Amulet. Those pips would be best spent on ice magic. However, if you do have Fire Mastery and good gear, you can pick "surprise" cards, like Firezilla, Krampus, Fire Shark, or Raging Kraken. These can do a lot of damage and they double on your Elemental Blades.

Jun 15, 2013
you should get reshuffle if you don't have it then never stop tower shielding until you can use an extremely poweful spell or tc