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An Important Message from Diego

Aug 15, 2012
Wow, today, I was facing playing a rank pvp match. I used my jade oni spell from my pet, and before it hit, he logged out, but he his attack went through, and it was and it KO me, so unfair. I hope this is fixed ASAP because this is getting annoying. I mean do you not want to get your rank a fair, and a more accomplished way, than a cheap way? I mean seriously, everyone I fight will logout before they lose, or if I face them again they log out before the match begins, and I have to remake a match like 10 times . Its is so frustrating trying to PvP now. I hope you fix this soon Diego . Thank you wizards that don't use the cheat . ok sorry for the rant. peace

The PvP exploit that involved logging out to escape a losing battle has been addressed.