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An idea for pvp

Mar 02, 2009
K I you know if you remove treasure cards people are gonna freak. I mean like, My life grand gives people rebirth when i can't take her to malistare runs and help and my balance likes to give power nova to the little noob people so when they reach not new peorson status they kjnow what is ahead

But i was thinking, Treasure cards in the arena. Now Who cares if people make cards, who cares if they are used.

But with the growing amount of stuns wild bolts and even rebirth trees in the arena, being used by the wizards that aren't that class, i got to thinking. Remove treasure cards from pvp only. Let people use their treasures else where. Use treasure cards to your hearts content. But plz KI take them out of pvps. That way everyone is happy. You still get them for malistare runs and the such, and in PVP you use your own school spells