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Ages and Gear

Jan 14, 2012
So, I'm not sure if this has been brought up before or not but I am curious about something. I have a 2nd Age PvP Warlord, however I can't buy the gear anymore. Why is that? Is there a certain reason for this? I don't understand why one would work hard to obtain the gear just for it to be unavailable by the age number increasing. If you obtained the Warlord titled, you should be able to purchase the gear again even if the pvp age increases

If you can, please explain this to me or reply if you agree with me.


Aug 01, 2009
I'm a 1st age warlord and noticed the same thing when I started playing again a few months back. I guess it is supposed to give old school warlords an incentive to come back to the arena? I'm not sure I agree with not being able to buy the stuff though we already earned the rights to buy though. They could Just add extra stuff,.. Like say robes you need two warlord badges to get. ( For example a 2nd age warlord badge, and a 3rd age warlord badge) Or boots that you need 3 different age warlord badges to get.. But they really should not ban old warlords from buying- they still earned it.