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Nov 10, 2008
first there should be no more then a 5 level gap between people no matter rank i think, sometimes you get a level 25 fighting a level 42, which is a rough ride for the low level even if they are really good.

second we need a time limit of like 45 min,!!! if you get 2 grand life people fighting you can reshuffle through like 5 decks!!!!! OMG thats too long of a match but you dont want to flee cause you cant join again for 5min and you lose mad rank lol! i suggest who ever has a higher percentage of health at the end of the time limit wins (and a percentage of health so ice people dont have a advantge, its not health number left, but percent of health left, so whoever was winning) **this way we can win more tickets, i can get 3 matches done in the time of 1 really messy one occasionaly. I hate 2-3hour matches, sometimes i have to go to the store or something too and i NEED the match to end, but like i said HATE to flee, but i have to expect to be there for at least 2-3 hours? Tooooo long, i like a challenge, but come on that is just a stalemate till someone runs out of cards, no strategy there, besides i want to deck you out cause i have no life.

Just suggestions i think would help.