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A Suggestion for Low Level PvP

Sep 01, 2009
Given that TC's are not ever going to be banned from PvP, and given that there are players on both sides of this argument, I have a suggestion. What about a club, or clan, comprised of low level PvP-ers who don't want to use treasure cards? The members of said club or clan would PvP one another, pledging not to use anything other than enchants on their own school spells. You could have all your gear, and a pet that does wondrous things, but no TC's.

Think back. Waaay back. Remember your first PvP match? I remember mine. I was about level 25, a life wizard with a pet that did absolutely nothing, and all I could do was enchant my school spells. Cannot recall how I did, but I do know that as I continued to PvP, I won and lost fairly equally. We didn't have "warlord in a day," we had warlord in a month, or two, or three.

So, that's my suggestion. A group of people dedicated to "old school" PvP at lower levels, who pledge not to use TC's We might not get all our gear in 6 hours, but we would meet similar minded individuals, maybe make a few friends, and have a little fun. For folks who like using TC's in PvP, understand this post is in no way saying you're wrong, or trying to change the way you PvP. It's a big game; there's room for all of us.

Jun 24, 2009
I can't remember the last time someone posted this civilly about this topic or even someone trying to start something up like this. While I most likely won't join this club you can bet I'll be following this topic. Good luck sir and have fun!