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A PVP Suprise, Please look inside.

Feb 28, 2009
Hey there fellow PVP players, still new to posting on this site so excuse my weird intro. Anyway I noticed something about pvp, more specifically the matching system.

So some of you still might be saying pvp is broke, because they allow a lvl 60 to fight a lvl 80 or anything like that. Here is my counter to that, the reason they have that is because of the player base. Now as you can imagine there are many different skilled players through out the spiral, some are new, some are vets like me who have hybrid pets who have been hatching since it came out. KI is having the problem of trying to split those two classes/Player bases up which is why pvp ranked is being so wonky .

There are many new players joining Wizard101 everyday, leveling everyday too, trying to join the already semi advanced community which is very hard. My point to this is, the vet players been playing this for years buying tons of crown items or crown pets that make them even stronger. The newer players come in with just fresh gear, meaning poor wands, bad pets, join the fray but are mainly focused on PVE( Half of PVE community right here, don't get mad cause its true). And expect to join the hardcore community without any difficult rebuttal, lets say that newcomer is lvl 90 or 100, I choose this lvl cause its mostly where the complaints are around, not anything really below lvl 50.

It's actually difficult to think of a right scenario for you guys, so it will be easier to understand. How about a lvl90 has some hades gear, the shirt, helmet and is a private, and the matching system puts him against a lvl 60 who has full warlord gear and is a overlord. Now people, your a warlord for a reason. It means you have skill, which is technically unfair for you to vs someone your lvl who doesn't have any, its fair for KI to think you deserve a challenge fit for your skill range which is lvl 80 or 90.

Now back to KI, as you can see KI is heavily weighed in its choices, two very different communities, which have different play styles, one hardcore, one is story that wants to pvp for fun without any challenge. Those two forces clash and you get wizard101 pvp forums arguing to nuke spells, or someone is cheating or something trollish. I made this post to enlighten my fellow players and cause it was personally bothering me to read all these....kidish posts about overpowered schools. If you have a different opinion please feel free to share it.

Aug 28, 2010
I don't consider a level 90 or 100 a newcomer. And just because someone devotes to PVE doesn't automatically mean they're not as "hardcore" as a pvp player. All it means is that they enjoy playing the game differently. These communities aren't that different really. We're all just playing a game we enjoy.

Haley Angleblade 64