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A Message To All Of You Who Do Arena

Jan 03, 2009
A lot of people looking at this post probably love to do arena. No surprise. If you do, then you probably hate (or love depending on if you use them) treasure card users. No surprise there either. Wizard101 will soon be coming out with an update about enchanted treasure cards, as well as the advanced pets. People need to realize that you shouldn't do arena as soon as these updates come out, and for two main reasons. One, you should probably get a pet for your type. This will increase your stats and make you better at arena. Second, even with the update of no more trading of enchanted treasure cards, it will still take weeks for people to run out of them. And i have seen a real Colossus treasure card. So this will still let people get some treasure cards, just as long as they can be obtained from any school. However, there will be no more "bolting" as they say, there will be no more Judgement for any wizard that doesn't own the card, and no more of many other popular PvP enchantment cards.

Best regards,
Hunter Thunderdust, level 38 Fire school, about 100 ranking

Jun 03, 2009
Hello nice post.
There will however be some who can and will be using out of school cards if they own crowm gear with attacks the percentage of the unpredictable will go down a tiny bit but hey why take all the surprizes out of pvp.
Not to get off subject but I saw a life wizard in pvp and he had a storm pet how is that even possible? that was WAY out of school I don't care how you slice it.
My advise if you love an out of school spell like triton or helephant buy the gear that gives one cards and keep it interesting LOL
have fun stay safe.

Apr 26, 2009
To the OP:

You said "there will be no more bolting". Wrong. I have a grandmaster storm who can heal with only a fairy (400) and so I will have no choice but to take out the opponent as quickly as possible, since I can't really heal myself much without Satyrs, can I?

Wild bolt is going from a card that I hardly ever used, to a card I will rely heavily on, both in PvP and Celestia.