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A fire strategy

Dec 21, 2008
In this strategy, You will cast a fire elemental minion. You will keep seventh links in your deck( 4 for dragonfire deck). Also, keep all your treasures slots filled with link. In your normal deck, put the seven or four links like i said and seventh fire minions. Rest will be whatever you want to put in it. The you keep on using link every turn and you minion will keep on using fire elf. IN this way, you opponent will lose health every turn and you will be getting healed every turn. Then, You will dragon you opponent after a lot of linking. Then keep on using link again. If you run out of link, start using fire elf( keep seventh in your deck or four). Once you run out of fire elf, let you minion attack and you heal your self in you need any recoveries. Also, make sure you always got a minion out. This strategy is meant for 1v1 and for a fire level 48 or 50.


Luke ThunderShade
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