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A Final Note About PvP

Mar 18, 2009
As I was standing in the PvP lobby waiting for a match, I started inspecting the other characters and noticed something interesting. Almost all of the characters who had achieved a rank past Sergeant had one thing in common: Crown gear. Doesn't it seem a little bit ridiculous that these kids use their parents' money to equip every available piece of Crown gear, so they can dominate the kids who don't have it? Is PvP about luck and skill or about who has the most money to spend on Crowns? As a parent, I find this extremely annoying. My child hounds me on a daily basis for more Crowns, and now I can understand why. Certain aspects of this game are virtually unplayable if you don't buy the best equipment and pets, which are only available with Crowns. Give me a break.

Jun 11, 2009
welcome to society.
you got the money, your above it. it is cheap that if you got money you can dominate the arena, i havent liked the crown system since the beginning, but thats just the way things work. what do you want to do, ban crown gear from the arena? i woldnt go there. besides, i think its kind of sad to spend real, worked for money on virtual currency.

Jun 09, 2009
Spending money on a subscription is like being a member of a club. It costs money to, and crown gear gives little offers over all schools, where as school clothing gives big offers to your school of focus.

Jun 28, 2008
Not all those wizards actually bought the crown gear. Some of them found them as drops. If you don't want crown gear you don't need to. If you want crown gear fast buy it but if you can wait to get it why not go farm for it. You should never judge a book by their cover as the old saying goes.

May 11, 2009
For what it's worth, there are bosses in this game that will drop Crowns gear upon being defeated.

It's *exceptionally* rare. But it happens.

Oct 04, 2008
I for one would like to know which bosses drop crowns gear. Is it just the ones in Briskbreeze tower?