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A few thoughts on the reshuffle change...

Aug 28, 2010
Some thoughts on Reshuffle....after reading some of
the PVP complaints on the change.

First of all, I expect that W101 is on a new course,
with HeadMaster Ambrose (Todd Coleman) leaving
late last year.

Second of all, the Reshuffle change was designed into
the game in the fall of 2012. Professor Falmea
stated this in her postings. So it was approximately
six to seven months, from the design to the release of
the change to reshuffle.

Third, Professor Falmea (in Feedback Friday) has
already asked how long the typical PVP match will
last. This is a possible hint, of what may show up
in six months..... (maybe to fix the long matches
that the reshuffle change has created).

Start linking these and others together, and
you start to get a picture forming…..

Ok, back to reshuffle, What will it affect....

PVE very little, as I cannot remember using
reshuffle more than once or at the most twice
in any PVE battle (ever). Carrying an extra
reshuffle for PVE is simply not a problem.

Who will it hurt....
PVP/PVE, the person running a small deck using the fast
reshuffle technique. No questiion at all, this person
needs to carry at least 8 or more reshuffles in the main or
the side deck. This will slow up the overall efficiency
of the deck, basically making it much harder to use.

It will also hurt the length of the PVP matches, as we are
already seeing matches being dragged out, as fewer
cards are being discarded. Matches that would have
lasted two hours are lasting four to six hours now.
Watch just how much passing is going on now, that never
happened before. It has increased dramatically since the

Who will it help....
The Jade Turtles, no questions asked, they will run
A maximum number of reshuffles and add some to the
TC side, to win. I expect that is why the Professor has already
asked how long our matches last.

It will also help those that run a large deck, with the TC side
Packed full. Discarding will be slower, and the match will last longer,
with more passing, even with this deck.

One thing it has compounded is the idea of getting the card when you
need the card, by quickly discarding. This is a catch22, if you discard too
fast, you risk losing by running out of cards. If you don’t discard fast enough
and get what you need, you lose anyway.

These are a few of my thoughts on the change, what do you think, whether
you agree or not?