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A few thoughts of my own..

Jan 22, 2009
Just some suggestions for a better more fulfilling pvp experience.

1. Rewards should be higher for competing against higher level opponents. (Example: I'm level 15, I beat a level 10 in a ranked match and recieved 10 tickets. Later I had a long heated battle with a level 25 and was victorious, I also recieved 10 tickets.)

Suggestion: If the minimum is 10 tickets for a victory, perhaps 1 or 2 tickets as a bonus per level. (If you win and your opponent is higher level).

2. Games should not exceed 10 levels either way for a match up. (Example: I'm level 15 and was placed with a level 44, needless to say I had no chance)

Suggestion: While you can purchase treasure cards to try to even out some of the damage, you can't even out hit points/reists/accuracy. Would be nice to have level brackets instead of just random placement.

3. Pvp titles that go along with your ranking. Would be another inscentive and would work nicely if they put in level brackets.

4. Specially earned cards for pvp that are put in the treasure slot, only useable in duels. Not one use cards, but permanent and have a smaller draw chance than other treasure cards.

Just a few things I've come up with since I started a few day's ago.

Dec 13, 2008