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A Better Ranked PvP Matching System Idea

May 06, 2009
So from what I've heard there is a problem within the Ranked PvP Matching System. I don't do a lot of PvPing for a lot of reasons, so I haven't experienced any of these problems, but I do want to put my own input the issue.
In First Age PvP, there was some kind of error in the Matching System that called for KI to do a major change that took 2 attempts to fix (the first was delayed to continue work). The 2nd attempt came about in the Spring of this year (which has lead to multiple PvP updates ever since). The 2nd PvP update brought about many new features and put the game in Second Age PvP. However, the update may not have been as helpful for a lot of PvP'ers. Wizards have reported battling other players of much higher or lower level than their own which has opened a can of worms of problems.

So, I've been thinking about this and I think there needs to be a completely new Matching System. I think KI needs to, unfortunately, scrap the current system of automated matching. I don't think it's going to work as well as it used to and it's too depended on a there being a surplus of 1 type of Wizard's level. Not everyone PvP's which causes a lot of problems for those who want to duel.

New Ranked PvP Matching System
There needs to be a Matching System exactly like the one in Practice PvP. What's good about Practice PvP is that you get to pick what battle you want to be in. But wait! I'm done! There are new rules to this Maching System.
Like Practice PvP you could now pick who you want to battle instead of the computer looking for a match. But you can not battle some who is 10 levels above or below you so you can't battle and over power someone of a lower Rank. So let's say you're Level 50. You can enter a fight with anyone between Level 40 and Level 60, but you can't battle someone Level 39 or below or someone Level 61 up.
Battle's on the PvP Roster will now show the Level and Rank of the one who started the match so you know who you're up against. You could still set a "Level Only" tag on matches.
This is also where some of the old automated system would still exist. When you open up the Roster page, you will see all available battles close to your level and Rank. If there are no available Players up, you may have to wait until more battles close to your level are available.

New Battle Notifier!
With my new Matching System idea, there would also be a new Battle Notifier that tells you when new matches are available at your level. It is on automatically default. You still have to go to the PvP Stand to access the battles.

Third Age PvP
This new system would most likely bring about a new age in PvP.

So this is my 2 cents on the Ranked PvP Matching System. I hope this idea looks promising to future PvP-ing.