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3rd age pvp

Dec 12, 2008
They should start a third age pvp because of all the corrupt ranks on the leader-board. Pvp is a place were players should show their skill, intellect, and effort to exceed above others. I believe that rank should be earned and shown through honest trial and tribulations, not just them getting there from one little glitch in the pvp system that they exploit. as a character with 4 characters over 2000 rank and 3 overlords i see how restarting would be hard, but the goal in any part of life is to be the best you can and try to excel past your earlier limitations. with this said i know a few people would be angered about their reset rank, but wouldn't that rank actually meaning something be more gratifying?

Mar 08, 2013
Oh, KI will eventually have to start a third age, but not any time soon. The earliest they will ever do will be in august and reset ranks annually. But even that is a stretch. KI might start the third age in 2015 after they figure out the tc and unfair matching system out. KI started a second age and they are not going to leave us hanging of never doing another age again.