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2nd Starts With Stun Shield

Mar 31, 2015
PvP King on Oct 15, 2015 wrote:
Going second has never been as big of a problem in PvP until lately when offense has been rising up the scale. In Exalted PvP, going second, especially against a Fire, usually costs a player the match because the player going first stuns them and becomes two turns ahead rather than one. This advantage is usually fatal and is extremely difficult to counter from second unless you want to risk the chance of lowering your defense to resist a stun.

A great solution would be to give the player going second one stun shield so that they aren't completely vulnerable to combos such as Fire Beetle-Stun-Fire From Above. Who else agrees?
As an Prodigious Balance Overlord, I see this stuff happening all the time (especially from fire and storm) and I totally agree that a (single) stun shield would be totally useful in these situations. In fact as I was writing this, I happened to face a fire from second who did almost exactly what you just wrote.

From experience, until a solution such as this one is implemented, I find that the best solution is to stun your opponent first. (Which I did, and I won the game too).

I also commented about the removal of Fire Beetle and the like from PVP in the dorms.

May 09, 2011
I'd love to see this, however I do not do high level PvP. At the same time though, around my level is when Myth players like me get Stun. Ice gets a stun after Enrollment, which is more than less below level 5. So it's not just Fire that can pull this off. This affects PvP under level 30 as well. Then there's the matter of tc players who keep a bunch of stuns in their side deck just in case they go first. A stun shield, however, may be a bit much for the very beginning. If the other player decides they don't want to use a stun spell then that shield will be there for a spell that is meant to stun. I'm thinking that there could be a 100% chance to block stuns for the first two rounds, then it would either go back to normal or it would go away entirely if you had 0 stun block.