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2 things to cover

Aug 05, 2013
I need to cover 2 things very quickly, that should be noticed in Wizard101

1. Boosting
While its not breaking any rules, its breaking pvp. It is not being stopped at all, and no one even wants to look at the leaderboard again. These guys should get a warning and have their ranking reset. Then a leaderboard reset to clear everything once and for all(and make boosting illegal)

2. Pay to win?
What has it come to! You can't be a good pvper with out good gear! Without good gear, you don't have good stats! For example the lvl 75-90 balance boots! Armored boots of Avalon(Craftable gear) VS Slippers of perfect poise. Slippers of perfect poise grants the user that no Boots of Avalon could ever have,more balance damage, a good critical rating, better accuracy, pierce, and the star of the show, a 5 pip mana burn that is the same as normal mana burn, but burns 4 pips instead of 3. Notice the special mana burn, more dmg, and definitley the crit rating. Not only that, the new wands give a better advantage in pvp with better stats and everything. This has got to stop! I know everybody paid for it and is happy but there are 2 options. 1. Nerf 2. Make these things cost more

thanks for reading!

Jan 27, 2013
Well, I'll address your points in the order you did.
1. While, yes, its aggravating, one of the problems is with people who have gotten warlord gear in a previous age, and then use the try all opponents feature, and they are able to destroy their opponents. Not to mention that Its extremely hard to determine
2. While yes, crown items are very good, there are also dungeons to farm for gear, or places where you can often farm for that crown gear. Compare darkmoor gear to 100 or 110 crown gear. Darkmoor gear is much better than all of that. You can also craft may cast wands. Crafted gear is often very powerful as well.