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1v1 bugged or something?

Nov 10, 2008
The new wysteria REALLY messed up 1v1. I'm a lvl 39 warlord and when i beat a legend, i only get 1-5 points? But when i lost to a legend i lose 30 points?? Like SERIOUSLY? I really dont get whats up with this. This is really making me upset cause i lost a total of 60 points in 2 matches.

Jan 05, 2010
you failed to tell everyone how high you rank was. I believe this change was made t0 make for more even matches in all levels of pvp. My initiate fire just won going second against a legendary death with ww gear, this is because RANK reflects experience more than level. I'll break it down for you, when you que a fight you would probably prefer fighting one of these low rank legends than somebody your level with equal skill (and rank) because you have a better chance to win. If you are 1000 rank and your opponent is 250 rank it means you are doing much better than them and the point system reflects that. The problem before was that legends were being smashed hard by mid level pvp'ers driving their rank down so far that ALL levels were forced to fight against them, alternatively lower ranks would win too many points causing extreme clashes and mismatches. Getting to warlord with a low or mid level is once again a challenge, what it was intended to be. I've seen more even matches develop in the arena and am thankful KI changed it back, I can get back to playing the game that I love.

Jan 31, 2009
Sadly this is not a bug :( The point system was similar to this current system a while back. Seems posts, best one I can think of atm was from Laura WaterSong, had KI look at the point system and there was an adjustment. During that time, we saw points for a win like yours (magus vs legend) at about 30, and if you lost, perhaps a loss of 4. Now that was a balanced and fair point system which lasted about a month, maybe. No clue what made KI go back to the current point system, but under the current system, as well as other huge issues in arena with match ups, example, level 5 against adept, level 20 vs gramdmaster, makes trying to rank and gear in PvP pointless. How can we possibly rank and gear if in 3 matches we lose 60+ points, but if we win those 3, we get 0 - 6, 10 tops. Erin