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Your Favorite Mix of Pet Talents

May 23, 2009
Hi there wizards. What's your favorite mix of pet talents? Do you like Critical pets? Or do you like high damage pets? Or maybe the very popular SPUDF (Sprite, Proof, Unicorn, Defy, Fairy). Me? I like SPPDF (Sprite, Proof, Paingiver, Defy, Fairy). Post your favorite mix of pet talents here!

Oct 29, 2013
I'm working on my necromancer's "perfect pet." It'll be an SPPD max stat Deer Knight. As for the fifth manifested talent.... I'll most likely quit while I'm ahead, though the gene pool I'm working with is stable and includes Fairy Friend, Unicorn, Batusi, Incredibly Infallible, and Ardent Amplifier.

I haven't though about a "perfect pet" for my pyromancer as the Shadow Phoenix (with Spritely, Fire-Giver, and Death Proof) that she inherited from my necromancer serves my lil fire wizard well at the moment.

Miranda Nightsinger, Archmage Necromancer
Scarlet Windhammer, Adept Pyromancer

Oct 14, 2008
My favorite pet abilities are , unicorn , fairy and sprite, along with dragon blade. I have all these on my seraph. She also has a may cast storm blade as well.

the only ability my pet does not have is the unicorn .. i am trying to hatch my pet with that last trait but sometimes i feel like that pet can not be even more perfect than it is at the moment. If anyone has any tips for how to better get the unicorn trait , please share with us as many of my friends have been asking me the same question :)