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Ya, another pet idea thing...

May 22, 2009
Alright, this one will be set up to show KI exactly what the players are interested in. Here's how you should set it up:

[Pet type here]
[card here (preferably not, but hey, not gonna say you cant)]
[boss that drops it here]
[hatch time here (please no crown drop pets)]

So, post your ideas here! Be creative, but please, for the sake of the thread, keep it reasonable. Here are the guidlines for a"reasonability"

No card unless you have seen the card in game (ex. no having a wood golem pet that has a wood golem card. [this doesn not include character or enemy self attacks, where they go to the center to attack])

No outrageous pets, like a balance scale or something, or an earthquake, or storm cloud, or just a random skull. Try to keep it reasonable, like an enemy or an NPC that you saw in game.

If you want to make a totally new pet, dont make it like a normal boring old pet. make it exciting! and please, try to only think of things that could really be in the game.

Please, no redos (ex. Fire kraken)

Alright, there's the guidlines (sorry about all the complications, but i want to make this one something that your ideas could really be put in the game!)

OK, i'll get things started with some i would like to be seen in the game, just put yours down like put mine!

[Clanker (second time)]
[18 hours]

[Cat Burglar]
[Brady the Sneak]
[15 hours]

[Cat Doctor]
[Dr. Von Katzenstein]
[18 hours]

[Dragon Mage]
[17 hours]

[Dragon Footsoldier]
[19 hours]

Cant wait to see your ideas! :D

Jun 18, 2009
[17 hours]

(If you have ever seen a flamewing it is a cute little dragon with lava patterns that are monsters in DS)

[Storm Shark]
[Storm Shark]
[rare drop from Malisaire (hehehehe)]
[1 day]

(It sould be so cool with the thing just swimming beside you and needs no water >:D)

[Raven] (The one in the purple clothes :D)
[The helephant solo boss in Ravenscar (I forgot his name D:)]
[20 hours]

[The kraken guy in Plaza of Conquests] (He drops himself :D)
[18 hours]

I have some crazy ideas :D

Jan 19, 2010
[centaur card at baby]
[dropped by bolderboneand gnissa]
[ten hours]

it would look cool

Jan 19, 2010
[death imp]
[death imp card]
[death oni]
[17 hours]
you know the imps in gh at web wood