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Feb 26, 2009
I know a lot of you are gonna call me lame for being so exited, but I hatched an egg with my wraith (Jessie) And my Myth sprite (Lady Rocky) And I ended up with a Myth sprite..... WITH THE STATS OF A WRAITH :D (I need to get a life) It doesnt give me a card or anything, but its first skill was giving me a pip boost, and its just so AWESOME :3

Did you hatch anything cool recently? If so, tell me cause I am so curious :D

Fiona Starcatcher, Grandmaster Necromancer.

Mar 15, 2010

wow! that is probably the best thing i have heard about hatching a pet. unlike my experience where i mated my imp with someone else's stormzilla and we got baby imps oh yeah, 67,000 gold later. i felt robbed (seriously).

recently tried to cross a wild claw with a death pet ghoul or something like that and it still was goiing to cost 47,000. i thought they lowered the costs.

for one, i subscribe, so i pay every month to play. secondly, i won my pet in battle, i didn't buy it and i spent scads of time making it an adult. i think the cap on hatching should be 25,000 and that should be for grand pets. everything else should scale down. and pets won in battle should come with some level of experience. after all, it's like you won them from that boss. what he just has a bunch of eggs hanging around? maybe even consider allowing pets to gain small amounts of experience if you take them into battle with you. pets that are bought should be eggs to start.

Jul 08, 2009
I crossed a Dragon with a Brown Spider and got....a Brown Spider! It was just like the other one, except with the stats of my dragon, and it was Death instead of Life. I guess it's because my dragon's balance, and when you cross a Balance pet with another pet of a different school you get that school's opposite?