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wizard101 game

Dec 30, 2012

I am a currently player and payer on wizard101, I have ben playing for one year now, I have a question. I never had a healing pet before, I know that's crazy but yes. were can I find very good pet snacks from? what world?

name brand death leaf, level, 45 ice and that's all please help

bye! :D

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
Hey and welcome to the message boards
We have an advance pet section for these kinds of questions but I will answer you.

A healing pet has the talents spritely, May cast unicorn, and/or may cast pixie (If I remember right from seeing that one pet MC pixie is a thing)
So try to hatch those into your pet
(Hint all bundle pets get spritely garentied at teen as gen1 pets)

O and to get good snacks I recommend gardening Magma peas as they drop mega snacks (Or you could buy the mega snack pack which gives very high rewarding snacks. Like 25 points worth each)

Jan 11, 2012