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Will the outcome be the same

Sep 06, 2010
If you hatch two adult pets with each other that are not able to become a hybrid you will get one of the same pets but with each others talents

For me i have a humongofrog which is my favorite pet but i want him to learn some "may cast" healing spells and i have another pet which is a storm hound which does know "may cast" healing spells the problem is i have hatched twice and have revived both times a storm hound, what i wanted to know was if i keep hatching my humongofrog with this storm hound will I one day get a humongofrog or will it always come out a storm hound? or am i just wasting my time and gold on this?

Sep 17, 2012
The pet with the higher pedigree seems to appear more often in the hatch but that's not always true. Yes it can be either type, it just takes a lot of patience and hatching.

Mar 10, 2009
I agree. I have repeated the exact same hatching and got identical looking babies but with very different traits, some had traits that hadn't manifested in either parent, it got stuff that was in the recessive stuff but still learned it. Ya just never know.