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WHY does it cost so much gold to hatch pets?

Apr 17, 2010
It was very simple and I worked on my pet a lot, until it finally got to an adult. Then I was all excited to hatch my first pet until i saw how much it costs.... is there any possible way I could hatch a pet, like, for not that much money?! Sheesh! I am probably not the only one who feels like this! Boycott the pet pavillion to bring the prices down i say!

May 19, 2009
can you please keep all these topics about pet pricing being to high under one thread. theres about 2 new ones made every day.. btw people there is a search option.

Mar 25, 2009
It's called capitalism folks. Making money. Don't be mad, be smart. King's Isle is a BUSINESS. They didn't create this game to make you happy; they are very creative people who want to make MONEY. And they will suck it right out of you if you let them. If you're smart and didn't flunk social studies when it talked about the history of economics, you can play Wizard101 for about $10 bucks a month for a subscription that will give you 6 avatars and use only the gold (play money) you earn to buy fun stuff. If you're impatient, vain, or very niave, you will buy too many things with crowns (real money, kiddies). The pet idea is showing toooooo much greed on the part of King's Isle (KI: you really need to hide it better. You're freaking out the kids.) Unless you can spend a bazillion hours playing for 1 point (on very tedious games) and using your expensive foods to add 1 pt (only if you play perfectly) to make an ancient pet Epic and spend crowns to get there before you die of old age, NO pets will make it to Epic. My daughter, a master, tried and she is just heart broken. She spent her birthday money on this junk for pets who even at ancient have little to offer in battle. I actually enjoy playing Wiz as an adult and I have not spent a crown on anything, yet my stuff is plain old FUN. So get out of the pet pavillion once you have an adult or ancient pet or skip it all together and just have fun again, battling and talking to your friends (remember them?), maybe have virtual parties at your virtual houses and socialize. Be kids again.

Master's Mama

May 22, 2009