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why do pets gotta be so frustrating

May 12, 2009
so as of recent i've been trying to get a good myth pet for my myth character, only problem pets hate me
i've hatched with many good people trying to help me out some of the amazing pets i've hatched with had talents like so
proof, defy, myth giver, pain giver, myth dealer
proof, defy, myth dealer, myth giver, fairy
proof, fairy, myth dealer, pain giver, myth assailant
proof, myth dealer, myth giver, myth assailant, critical striker

the pets i've used
proof, defy, pain giver

but not once has myth dealer manifested and not once have i not ended up getting a random talent that is completely worthless to my myth like
may cast storm shield
life bats
any crit(lvl 60 pvp dont want crit not really random but still unwanted))
fire dealer

anyway today i got really excited cause i got the best hatch opportunity of my life. the pet was going amazing getting talents i actually wanted on my dream pet for the char with a 10 spell proof and what would have been a 9 dealer so far it had, spell proof myth giver and pain giver. i was very excited taking it to epic expecting hopefully either myth dealer spell defying or fairy, instead it ended up with fire dealer. it is very tough to hatch with a pet with multi school talents other than resist so the pets basically worthless to me now also fire dealer hasnt been in my pets manifested talents since my early flying squirrel about 12 generations ago :/ anyway i'm just getting very frustrated with these annoying pets and how its WAY more difficult then it should be to get a good pet especially frustrating considering i spent allot of valuable mega snacks on that pet in witch i no longer have a large supply so training is gonna take a while for any future pets.
if anyone else is having similar problems i feel bad for you :/
also even though i'm very frustrated with this i havent given up so if anyone with a good myth pet would like to hatch it would still be appreciated

Mar 31, 2011
just from my experience from as i call random hatches, all pets have 10 traits though only 5 come from training to mega the 5 unknown traits from both parents can still come through in the baby and the problem is with that you have no idea what has been hatched into the other persons pet. i have had traits reapear 7 and 8 hatches later although the trait was only on the original one i used in first hatch

i hatched a death dino with fairy 10% proof and 6% all school damage
with a balance squirrel that had fairy unicorn sprite 10% proof and 5 defy
i got the squirrel back .

it looked awesome, looked as if i had some thing that could not really fail no matter what came from training,so at teen it got fairy i was so happy as it was the first time fairy had trained to a pet at teen for me so on i went to adult how did i end up with may cast ice blade coming through. So i went back to friend i hatched with and asked what they thought of the epic fail from what should have been an unfailable pet.
she had first hatched to get her healing to a squirrel from an ice wizards pet that had the cast ice blade, when we looked at it further the trait had followed through 7 other hatches with the trait sitting in same spot every time, i just happened to be the poor unlucky one to have it come out in my pet, most dont watch and record what they are hatching with so can at least, if asked give some clue into where the trait may have come from,
now most of my hatching is with myself unless its for the look of a new pet i dont have then when i have the look i use a sword shield i have with strength and agility boost to clean the new looks blood line up some then start self hatching to get traits i want on it. Not to say have done it tons of times but has worked for the ones i have done it to so far, fails usually end up being selfish ones but i find that a selfish trait is showing what the pet can easily get have in that spot.
hope has helped some
Justin dragontalon level77