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Why are some mixed pets one school only?

Aug 21, 2009
It irritates me that if I want to mix pets together of different schools that I can get a mixed pet that can only be used by one of the two schools that were mixed. I don't see why mixed pets can't be used by both schools that they were mixed between.

May 22, 2009
I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but i'll try to answer.

So, if you're iratated that when you mix the pets, whatever hybrid pet you get does not have a spell for another school? This is becacuse each mix has a hybrid (ex: Wraith + Helephant = Death oni [comes with helephant card] or Archfiend [comes with wraith card], or if no hybrids received, both characters get the pet they put in [student that put in wraith gets a wraith with both pets abilities, student that put helphant in gets helephant with both pets abilities [each one gets five abilities from the other, and keeps five abilities, all of which are random {this happens no matter what}]) sorry about the complexity of that, but thats the easiest way to describe hatching level 48 pets.

Now, if you mean that if you mix pets and you get your wraith back, but its death only (still using the death and fire as an example), thats just because you didn't get your hybrid. This is something that many people complain about, and for the cost, irratates me too, but we can't doing anything about it right? You win osme you lose some. Just move on, get some more money to hatch, and hatch again, and again, and again until you get that hybrid! it's almost like farming a boss for an item, except your hatching until you get your hybrid (may i suggest to farm the ravens for money? they usually drop tons of items, and you can get around 2000-4000 gogld per battle with them, ver very valuable)

I hope that helps you understand the hatching system better, if that's what you were wanting to know.

Apr 20, 2009
actually you can, i got a grimzilla when i mixed my wraith with a friend's stormzilla.

Dec 02, 2009