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Which pet should I choose to train? I:

Jun 13, 2010
Well, I have a teen Jade Hound and a Teen Forest Oni. I want to train 1 pet to epic, and it's really hard deciding which :/.

The Forest Oni has a Pedigree of 55(5), the Jade hound's pedigree is 52(6). The Jade hound gives the card Orthrus, and Forest Oni gives helephant. So far the Forest Oni has one talent, fire proof, 1% fire defense; then a derby skill called bombadier. Adds bomb to all lanes, 50 sec cool down.

Jade hound has one talent (Crafty) which maxes your will +50. It's derby is called Sap and steals 10 morale from leader with a 60 sec cool down. So my question is, which pet do you think is worth training to epic?

Aug 23, 2009
My vote is for the Jade Hound, despite the small difference in pedigree, I think it has better potential, depending upon how you train it, once it reaches epic. Just an observation on the pets I've trained for epic-5 so far with one more to join soon-some of the pets with 50-54 pedigree gave better abilities-for pips, resist, or boost, and in one case a random extra healing card-which is great since it can also boost attacks with the other; while the 55-58 pets ended up boosting their pet derby stats-which I don't play and seemed a waste of ability slot at the epic level.