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which life pet better?

Jul 26, 2012
Hi I hatch my mega satyr and adult gnome got another gnome.Which one should I trained to get better ?the main one gave me life resist at adult and the other one hatch gave me nothing.

Apr 17, 2012
The question your asking is worthless without knowing exactly what talents are open on which pet. You mention that one is mega well more then more than one talent is open now so what are they. Secondly is your other pet a first generation pet you got. If so again unless we have to have an idea of which talents your looking for. Just hatching those to pets together will not help you unless they already have the talents your looking for.

Hatching and training pets are for hard core players that are willing to spend hours if not days working on making a special pet. It requires several hatches on average over a dozen and more gold then you can get in a day of questing.

If that interests you then I would suggest you read up on training pets and how to obtain special abilities before you take any of those pets any further.

Cheers and good luck.