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Which Crown Pets have Fairy Ability?

Sep 23, 2013
I am trying to find a pet with the Fairy healing ability but I'm going broke doing it. Can someone please tell me which pet or pets have the Fairy heal as a first generation ability? I have tried hatching but generally have terrible luck doing so.

This past Christmas season I spent over 50,000 crowns on Yuletide packs but never got a Nutcracker pet. The Nutcracker pet is the only pet (I know of) with the Fairy heal. Are there any others out there? Help!?

Nov 24, 2010
The nutcracker pet definitely has that ability, but the rarity of getting that pet, and also the chance of it getting the exact ability is way to slim. I received that talent through hatching, and I kept using that tactic with my armament to create the perfect pet. It took a long time, but now it has paid off.
My pet has:
9% spell proof
5% spell defy
May cast "sprite" spell
May cast "Fairy" spell
May cast "Sword and Shield" spell

And I only hatched twice.

This is what hatching is for, getting what you want. I certainly did.
Here's how I did it:

1: Get a pet with spell proof or defy
2: Hatch with someone that has spritely , spell proof and/or defy
3: Hatch with fairy friend off of someone
4: train your perfect pet

If you don't want to take risks, hatch with me. I'm usually in the sunbird realm training more pets. Come find me and we'll hatch.

Matthew SkullSword 95

P.S. (I've noticed that fairy friend is triggered by way more things than spritely, so it happens more often.
Like I would cast a blade and my pet would immediately cast fairy. "Fairy," good choice, Happyfrost!)

Mar 07, 2012
Only one pet so far has the talent "Fairy Friend", unfortunately, that would be the nutcracker. You should definitely try to hatch with others, once I was in a battle, this wizard had a nutcracker pet... It casted fairy on her twice a round, one after another. I was seriously in awe that the it's fairy triggered from it's own fairy... Not sure if that's a glitch or something, but it was still really cool.

~ Vanessa

Sep 23, 2013
Thanks for your informative response Matthew. You certainly explained exactly what I've been doing wrong. No wonder I have such a wide variety of hatching results. I've been hoping for the traits to clone and unfortunately that's not the case. I have some pets that have only spritely, some pets that have only unicorn, and one Sea Dragon with 10% Spell-Proof and 6% Pain-Giver. I love that Sea Dragon but its missing a heal.

I would love to get at least one pet with SP and PG and any heal! I appreciate the offer to hatch! Will certainly try looking for you! If not, at least you've given me a plan.

Thanks for the education

Fallon Windsong, Level 75, Storm