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Which colossus hybrids give ice cards?

Nov 21, 2009
I have been researching lvl 48 pet hybrids. My colossus can hatch with any other schools lvl 48 pet and there is a chance an ice version of that pet will hatch. But there have been updates for certain pets making it so that the card give is of the non-ice school. (frostzilla gives stormzilla, frost hound gives orthrus, ice wraith gives wraith)

I am wondering if mixing with helephant or hydra or something will give me an ice school mutated card. Or have all those been banned?

Jun 09, 2009
The ones that resemble the ice colossus more so then the other pet.

May 02, 2009
Mixing collossus with the other school pets will sometimes result in a hybrid pet (rare though) or another of the same pet (collossus in your case).

As for fire and storm collossus, right now those spells are reserved for enemies only (hopefully that'll change in the future).

Usually, the pet that is mixed first (in the first position on the sigil) is the type that can create a hybrid.

Kinda hard to explain, but I think you get the idea.

Nov 21, 2009
So the ice hydra, ice helephant, ice orthrus, ect. only give the fire/myth/ect. card? So basically there is no good ice card to get from a rare hybrid then. It seems pointless to combine them (because ice cant use power pips for stormzilla and helephant). I could get fire/storm/death/life colossuses I guess. Those would still give the ice colossus card (lame, but at least ice), but look like a different colossus, right? Of course this would just be an asthetic difference from my ice colossus.

I am just bummed at no ice mutation card. I want to be able to use power pips for heck hound or helephant :( There seems to be no point in getting a hybrid because the card would be near useless because while stronger it would not use power pips.