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Where do i find these pets?

Jan 24, 2010
I'm somewhat of a collector of pets, and i'm having trouble locating a couple. First is a pet which i do not know the name of. I saw it in someone's house, it had the shape of a banshee but looked like Bastilla Gravewynd and Melweena Smite 2 bosses found in firecat alley. So basicly a banshee with flesh that looked like an older lady. scond is a life bat ( the one that looks like a blood bat) And please dont say you have to dye a blood bat pet, i know because i tried lol. Last i am looking for a sunbird pet, or flamewing pet, or whatever it is called. ANY INFORMATION WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Jul 08, 2009

The life blood can be mixed by satyr and blood bat i think. (also yeah lol why does it say to dye it light green if it stays the same)

The War Oni drops the Flamewing pet

And the banshee is being sold at the crowns shop for well....crowns and not even gold

May 19, 2009
Even easier then mixing the satyr and bloodbat, you can get the life bat from grettir in winterdeep warren.