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what's wrong with me pet?

Jan 24, 2010
I have recently come to aquire a pixie queen pet, i kept farming to get it because the healing spell she contains would really help my low level characters. However when i got the egg i was very dissapointed to find that this one did not give a fairy card. I'm confused because i see other people with this pet and when i check their equipment the pet slot reads "Pixie Queen gives one card at baby" I have the exact same pet, i made sure there was no slight name difference or anything to see if it was a different pet i recieved however it was the exact same pet. Did KI stop making pixie queens give a card after the pet update? or did i just recieve a dud? I'd really appreciate an answer here.

Jul 04, 2009
I have the same problem. Before the update I won the Pixie Queen from Smogger and it came with the Fairy card immediately. My other wizard tried to get it (because he doesn't have the ability to heal others) and won the Pixie Queen, but no card came with it. after it hatched

It even doesn't tell me what age it needs to be to get the card (if it does at all).

KI, please switch it back so that the Pixie Queen get the Fairy card immediately. If you want to make another Pixie Queen that needs to be raised to a certain age, put it on some other boss. The whole purpose of my farming Smogger was to get the Fairy card.

Mar 21, 2009
I also got the dud fairy queen after the pet update. What a waste after having killed Smogger so many times to get it.

Aug 12, 2009
theres to different pixe queens one gives you card and on does and you cant get either from same person