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What New Pets Should Kinsisle Make?

Jun 17, 2013
Hey fellow wizards,
What new pets do you think Kinsisle should make?
I think that they should make pets of the questers or outfits for them (like an outfit for the smith should be the guard from Wizard City).
Just make a list from like real animals these days to animals made up like sphinxes to Dinosaurs to Ice age animals and characters from the game.
Good luck
Dakota Jadethief

Lvl 77

Nov 21, 2013
I'd love to see a hockey themed pet. I think it could be a puck and stick that dangles/floats around each other, similar to how the armament pets have their arms and shield floating about. That or just a puck by itself. KingsIsle seems to make a lot of quirky pets based around the holidays and seasons so I think something like this would be great!