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What is your favorite pet?

Apr 21, 2012
My favourite is my Patriotic Leprechaun. I name him.....Elvis! Every time he casts spritely, life blade, life trap, or disarm. I give him a "thank you very much uh huh!" Also, the 5% attack he gives is great too!

Hunter WillowGrove
Lvl 90

Feb 06, 2010
dragon princess on Apr 10, 2013 wrote:
Dear Wizards,
I have been wondering, what is your favorite pet? I think everyone has a favorite pet. Mine is the Strange Beast. Below are the reasons why:

1. I like the Strange Beast because it matches my wizard's school.

2. I like the Strange Beast because it has a Myth Blade spell with it.

3. I like the Strange Beast because it looks cool.

My Strange Beast's name is Sasha . She is the best pet I have ever had. So wizards, what is your favorite pet?

Dear dragon pricess, my favorite pet is my deer knight on the Test Realm. His name is sir Hunter and he's an adult (almost Ancient!!). Although he costed me over 2,000 crowns(), he was worth (Yep over a 1/50 of my Test Realm crowns) it because:
  1. He can cast Berserk.
  2. He looks awesome.
  3. And he gives me a Deer Knight item card (The Deer Knight Rises!)!!!
He also matches my wizard's school. Just a necromancer's thought!!

Dec 22, 2012
my Night Hawk, Lord Z. because:
  1. It has Spritely and will give you 2 power pips in the begining of combat.
  2. It is rare oh mama! From the pack: Hawkrider Pack. Also came with Hawk mount, Hawkrider Outfit and sword. ( I picked the level 15 outfit and the Storm hawkrider claymore.)
  3. It is very cool! and it is older than my dragon, Cody
I think you should get the dinosaur pack with that little outfit and the hotel thing with and underground place and all of that. That's how you get the Giraffe pet. Long neck you have Giraffe!!!
Jasmine Moonpetal level 35 girl wizard in the white eye hat ( all ppl. )

Jul 05, 2012
Ethan Stormspear on Apr 29, 2013 wrote:
My favorite pet is my Thunderbird.

1. It's storm

2. Epic talents

3. Warlord Pet

4. Rare hybrid

A word from Matthew Thunderspear:
My favorite pet is the starfish.

1.Good talents

2. looks cool

3.gives blizzard

4. gives health and resistance

Ethan Stormspear lv 71 storm&

Matthew Thunderspear lv 46 storm
my favorite pet is the humongofrog scence it has good stats for myth wizards like myth blade and myth trap and there may cast!

Jul 01, 2012
I like the Snowy Owl lots (Because mine, Princess Precious, can cast the Tower Shield spell by chance and gives my wizard an extra Tower Shield, which is nice for that class).

But the Brave Hound is also cool (Because it looks cool and saves my by casting the sprite spell. It can also cast the myth trap spell! Mine is named Prince Chance )
But I admit my favorite must be the Storm Beetle, and my Sir Coco is AWESOME (he looks cool, gives my an awesome extra card, and gives her more damage/accuracy!)
So those are the pets I like most.... They are all cool.

Nov 15, 2008
my favorite pet is my cold fire dragon :D

matthew wyrmblade lvl 82
home is where the wand is :D

Oct 13, 2008
My personal favorite is the Phoenix because
- school
-spritely ability
-fire blade/fire trap may cast
-health/mana gift
-awesome hybrids

Mar 13, 2012
I love my pet Phoenix with all my heart Because it's abilities, stats, (It's like, the best fire pet ) etc. And, ... I don't know I just love her I U Amber!! .

Jan 18, 2013
I like kraken

-If he gets it at mega be able to heal me

-gives you a good spell at adult

-might cast a 30% stormblade or 25% storm trap if i hit someone

-caters to a persons needs

-dont have to use crowns or farm bosses to get it

-and ver reliable to beat bosses

oh and only storm can have it

Jan 30, 2013
I just love my loyal pet Orthrus, Sasha! <3

Jasmine Wildblood, lvl 67

Apr 13, 2013
defiantly the humongofrog or theOrthrusas a pet

Feb 05, 2010
My fave pet is my Meow wing from the purreau pack. I have yet to see someone else with one, it may cast amplify (only first gen pet with that same for muscled cat) and give cleanse ward and a muscled cat. not to mention destroys in the derbies

Feb 25, 2013
I'd have to say that my favorite pet is polar bear cub it give critical to ice and can stun aka: freeze and snow drift so yeah pretty good

May 02, 2009
My farvorite pet whould be a kraken the reason is beause it is cool looking and very powerful!!!!!!!!!

Feb 16, 2010
mine is... well... i like them all but if i had to choose... the phoenix i dont have him yet but i want him really bad. i have heard great things about that pet and wizardo828 the helephant pet looks awesome! takes a long time to hatch though just to warn you

-jack skullbreeze master of fire

Nov 26, 2011
I do not have any of these, but I wish I did
I like any pet that's a cat and I also like Frostwalker, I can't decide what I like best though, so its tied.
-Jasmine FireBlade, level 86 pyromancer.

Mar 23, 2013
hhmmmmmm well i have seen this flying cat pet around and its pretty epic!!

Jun 18, 2012
I love my sea dragon lucky she is the best to me she may cast fairy, unicorn, and gives me health

kellyskullspear lvl 30

Feb 13, 2010
I love my polar bear cub . I hatched to get him (didn't have to buy the bundle) which was nice. It's pedigree is supposed to be 59, but mine has a pedigree of 70!! It is big and super cute!! I named my bear Milo trained him to epic. He gives me may cast unicorn, may cast death trap, and 9 resistance to all schools + 5 resistance to all schools. He is awesome!!

Dec 31, 2012
i would have to say my favorite pet i have right now would have to be my first generation burlap boy
Why? where are some reasons
1. he is so cute and amazing
2. he has some good stats
3. he give me clock work golem and absorb
3. he may cast mend

JacobRedRiver- 65
pet- adult burlap boy name boots :D

Jul 01, 2013
My fav. pet is my fire catoey. people say its lame but i dont it was my first pet and i love it it might not do anything but do games with it. i still love it tho

Jan 15, 2012
My favorite pet is also the strange beast pet.
It's awesome 'cause I need a good myth pet and this pet gives with blade at baby :)
Down side: They took it away from hoard of the hydra now I can't get it D:
If anybody will hatch with me that would rock,
Sean Stormhunter level 43

Apr 07, 2011
I've got a new favorite: Duke Romeo

Sporty Dragon
- proof, defy, incredibly infallible, pierce train, fairy friend
- i like its colour (orange)
- gives a nice balance blade card

Jun 23, 2008
I keep my favorite three pets with me. A mega Forest Lord named Rusty. An epic Ghost Dragon named Luna. And an Ancient Deer Knight named Rex. The Deer Knight is the least useful but looks cool. :)

Paige Darkflower wizard

Dec 01, 2012
Well, my favorite pet that I have is the Jellyfish, but my favorite pet of them all would be the Utility Dragon, because it has so many unlockable spells.