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What is your favorite pet?

Aug 26, 2011
My favorite pet would have to be The Frontier Dragon. It gives the Dragonblade card and can give you amazing stats. I also love the Nutcracker pet. I love its dance and automatically gives Spritely and Fairy Friend talents without hatching! And its Snow Drift card is very useful in PvP. I don't have either, but I visit the hatchery all the time to hatch for one. I am also looking for a Vampire pet for my death. They look awesome and make great pets for Death students!

Vanessa BattleCrafter - Balance lvl 90

Dec 24, 2010
I like the enchanted armament pet. Imagine having a sharpened blade available in krokotopia or mooshu.

May 15, 2012
I like all of them. they all are different in ways but the same in one way they are useful at times.

but I love the hound pet the best. I think it is the most useful I have ten they are all the most useful to me.

but I have sixty four dragons but I still like the hound pet the best it still is more useful then the dragons.

but that is my opinion other people may think dragons and stuff but I think hounds are best

like other people I also think polar bear cubs are my second favorite pet then dragons. my opinion

is way different then other peoples opinions that's why its mine hounds rule

Jun 08, 2013
Jul 19, 2013
My favourite is the frankenbunny!
Its really awesome!

1.Its funny to watch

2.It heals you

3.It heals without you asking it to

4.When it gets to an adult it get another spell which I think heals.

-Zachary Deathhunter

Jun 22, 2013
My favorite pet is my Jade Hound for my Myth character. I don't really understand how I got the healing abilities that I have, but I am not complaining. I hatched my Orthrus (class pet) with a Sea Dragon and got an Orthrus back with pedigree 68. I then hatched this with a Satyr owned by a friend of mine and ended up with a Jade hound with may cast spritely, fairy friend, and healing current. It also has spell proof and life accuracy boosts. I am not complaining, but I don't know where fairy friend and healing current came from as these are not abilities of any of its parents.

Jul 26, 2012
my favorite pet is one i do not yet have it is a hybrid of three pets and the pet i want out of it is the frankenbunny
  • i have a frankenbunny pet at teen and he has a chance to cast healing current he is also able to get spiffy pop (I LOVE THAT DERBY ABILITY)
  • he can get critical hitter
  • he can get storm striker
  • he gives healing current card at baby ( healing current can heal 100, 400, or 1000 life {its random})
  • he is somewhat rare because he was only available during Halloween
the second pet i have is a ladybug yes he was a crown pet but hey perreaus's pet provisions pack was on sale
  • i love him because he has batusi ability so he casts lifebat almost every turn
  • i love him for his spiffy pop ( I LOVE IT, I LOVE THAT ABILITY)
  • i love him because hes cute
  • i love him because hes funny
the next pet i have is a inferno salamander ( i cant remember if he was dropped or bought in a pack)
  • i love him for his pip o plenty
  • i love him for the card he gives ( inferno salamander)
  • i love him for his fireproof
  • i love him for his fire giver
now the pet i want to hatch from these three is a frankenbunny because of his healing current
and the talents i want him to have(in the order from how badly i want them ) are;
  1. energizing battery
  2. batusi
  3. storm striker
  4. critical hitter
  5. pip-o-plenty
  6. derby ability,---spiffy pop
  7. fire giver

this is dragonsteel50 "master your deck and you master the game"

Mar 08, 2010
I have three actually. I love the Beta fish because it gives you a free seven pip card at birth!(levy) and it matches my school because I'm storm. I also love the Trojan horse because it too gives a seven pip card at birth(gnome) and last but not least is the giraffe because it gives you the power possibility of an occasional sprite By the way if you find these pets as interesting as me you can buy them with crowns

Mar 07, 2010
i like my firezilla

gives firezilla
has some resist
and some fire attack

Feb 13, 2010
Based on looks it would have to be a fog unicorn!!!

Dustin Sky

Sep 15, 2012
my favorite pet is the therizinosaurus his name is rex.

at epic-mega it gives Lernaean Hydra, elemental trap, and spectral blast

it matches my school

the first of my pets to reach epic!

and a cool talent: "may cast elemental blade"

Oct 30, 2011
my favirote pet is my wooden guy I have not trained i am curious if he dose anything really cool in battle and he is balance is my third favirote school

Jun 26, 2013
I would definitely have to say the Polar Cat. Most of the Polar Cats found in the game are going to be extremely good. Reasons why I like the pet in general and mine:

1. Mine gives 14 resist
2. Mine heals me with fairy friend and unicorn
3. The pet gives a balance blade item card
4. I love cats
5. The pet looks really cool and can mess with lower level wizards when they have a Firecat pet and you can say that you mutated you Firecat into an ultra powerful Snowcat.

Sarah SparkleCloud Lvl 95 Pet Warlord

Jul 22, 2011
My favorite pet is my stray piggle :D 1. He is the first pet I ever had 2. I hatched him with a promo wizard with a SPUDF pet 3. I love pigs Hunter DeathBlade Level 53 Necromancer, Astrologist

Dec 02, 2012
dragon princess on Apr 10, 2013 wrote:
Dear Wizards,
I have been wondering, what is your favorite pet? I think everyone has a favorite pet. Mine is the Strange Beast. Below are the reasons why:

1. I like the Strange Beast because it matches my wizard's school.

2. I like the Strange Beast because it has a Myth Blade spell with it.

3. I like the Strange Beast because it looks cool.

My Strange Beast's name is Sasha . She is the best pet I have ever had. So wizards, what is your favorite pet?

Aww that's cute! My very favorite pet is, my sprite pet, Princess Sydney. Reason one: She gives me luck. Reason two: it matches my Grandmaster's school. Reason three: it is cute. Sydney Star Grandmaster level 50 See you in the game!

Oct 18, 2009
I have three favorites actually

First is my pheonix hatched him with a spineyfish Between the spritely and spell proof extra mana and an epic talent that hasnt developed yet(so hoping to get it unlocked) he is so far my best battle pet

Next i like the nightmare it just looks so epic (would love it as a mount) pyromancer on the back of a fiery horse so awesome *SQUEE*

Winter owl is adorable love owls named mine princess luna cause im a my little pony fan (dont judge me)

Runner up is my utility dragon haven't had the time or energy to train her

Pale maiden make for good haunted houses even if i dont like the pet that much.

Jan 15, 2010
My Polar Bear cub because
1. He so cute
2. He gives the Wholly Mammoth card
3. His names Harry

- Jasmine Roseflame lvl51

Feb 24, 2013
My favorite pet is my Enchanted Armament that I hatched from an Enchanted Armament and a phoenix. He gets Spritely, Sword and Shield, Universal resistance (11%), Universal damage (6%), and Health Gift (+98 max hp). He is Mega and he's the pet I use all the time. He is somewhat rare because the only place I know of to get him was in the crown shop a while ago or Gladiator Dimachaerous (Aquila).

Gavin MythBreaker

Oct 29, 2013
I haven't played long, and my experience with pet training has been frustrating so far. I have a gargoyle; I really liked him until he reached teen and got his first "talent".... Berserker, which means he "may cast Berserk." May? Oh no! He DOES cast it randomly at least once every single battle!!!! Arrrrrrrg! 40% incoming damage and 30% outgoing damage for 4 rounds. Not a good introduction to pets and pet training for me!

Jun 24, 2013
My favorite pet has to be the starfish
1. it is from my school
2. not only does it have cast iceblade spell it also heals
3. it is great to have this pet to help me in dueling and battle
From: Jennifer Stormblade lvl. 53

Jun 02, 2013
My favorite is the Starfish pet.

1. Her name is 'Luna', which just seems so fitting it's unbelievable.

2. I'm pretty sure it's gonna get Spritely soon

3. It looks cute =P