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What is wrong with Hatching

May 31, 2009
One thing that is wrong with hatching is that you spend lots of time and gold and get the same pet back, then try to sell it and see what you get in return. If you are going to give me a myth dog back to my Myth wizard could you place stormzilla legs on it? O perhaps a dogs tail on my stormzilla? But when you give me back the exact same pet then I feel cheated.
I have now breed my pets four times and nothing is happening. Oh lots of gold is going out. That is happening. So I try a few more times then you know what, I sell all my pets except Grandmaster pets and keep it this way. I cant see playing part of the game that is leading Nowhere. The Hatching is leaving me with empty pockets, same pets and sour taste in my mouth. So I have to do what I feel is best quit playing pets. Others in the game have expressed to me their discontent, their frustration, over not getting anything for all the hard earned gold they are spending.
Like the man at the store said if the price is too high dont buy it. Few more trys and it is ended for me.