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What if we were to stitch pets?

Apr 14, 2010
Hello everyone!!!!

Have you ever wanted a new pet look but don't want to have to work on training a brand new pet with the awesome talents of your completed mega pet?

There were many times where I just wanted my mega pet talents to be on a new pet that just recently came out, like say the little Pegasus pony, or a hybrid, but I don't want to have to go through months of training the pet over again just for a new pet look. Not only that, who wants so many different mega pets with duplicate talents.

My thought was... What if we could stitch pets like stitching gear? Of course all pets have their own gene pull and hidden talents so if we were to stitch the pets it would not be possible to hatch or train them unless the pets are unstitched.

Anyway, if this were one day possible I would definitely stitch pets frequently because I change my wizard's look quite often.

What do you guys think?