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What are the actual rules to hatching?

Apr 14, 2010
I have been trying the hatching process, I understand that the process is a long and difficult one. With the need to go farming and the chance that you will do the hatching and still not get the pet you want, or the skill set. Got that.

What is making me angry is that both characters do not get the same pet they put in. I can deal with both getting the pet they put in back, but when I get the same pet and the person I am hatching with gets the hybrid that is not cool. I can put up with all the other issues but that one. Is anyone else having this issue?

Also I would like a official Guide to the hatching from KI the ones you can find on the forums are great, but I am hoping for an official one soon.

Thank You for reading :?

Feb 14, 2009
Well this isn't an Issue, and you don't know if the pet you hatched has the trait you want or not, just because you didn't unlock it doesnt mean it isn't there. Here is how traits and derby work
5 of each from the parents are copied to the baby, ones that have manafested (been unlocked) are more likely to copy and be unlocked on the baby, if both parents have the trait then it is even more likely. There is about a 25% chance or so you get the type of pet you want too, a one-to-four chance. And KI is likely fixing more important things, like bugs or finishing up the Celestia packet, so I don't think they really would want to waste time on a guide that HAS already been posted MANY times before, by them already and by others.

Jul 15, 2009
Technically, they have one - https://www.wizard101.com/home5/w101playersguide/page_8ad6a40427b341be0127d3f7adb76934

A search of the forums will give you your answer: Yes, there are multiple reports of individuals getting something other than what they wanted.

It can be frustrating to see someone else get the phenotypic hybrid you were hoping for, when the dice did not favor you as well as your hatching partner. Unfortunately, this falls under the same heading as not getting the pet/traits you wanted. Each of you have your own set of 'dice'.

So far the only hard and fast 'rules' KI has put out are:

* No promo pets will replicate during the hatching process
* No one should get a pet that they cannot equip +on that account+ as a result of a hatch.

Everything else you see on the boards are conclusions taken from the findings of multiple breeding attempts:

* Pet types and traits are selected at random at the time of hatching. This includes the determination of any hybrids.

* The probability of specific pet types is 'stacked' based on pedigree. The higher the pet type's base pedigree, the less likely that pet type will manifest.

* Activated pet talents have a higher 'stack' than unactivated pet talents when determining pet traits. They are more likely to present in the child.

* Inactive pet traits can pass along with active pet traits, and activate in the third/forth generation.

Apr 21, 2010
Two wizards are most likely to get different pets.
It's pretty random, so yes it is fairly common for one to get a Hybrid and the other not.